I’m a freelance illustrator and multi-discipline designer who works on brand, print and digital projects.  I studied at Goldsmiths University, London.

I am a fully qualified teacher and worked in education for a number of years before turning my attention to design full-time. 

I combine traditional mediums with digital illustration and actively try to reject many of the techniques and approaches he learnt throughout my art education with the aim capturing the purity of the moment rather than the specifics of the scene.  My personal work is inspired by small, everyday observations and finding the humour and characters in the tiny stories unfolding around me.

The influences behind my work range from celebrated illustrators &  designers such as Alvin Lustig, Paul Rand and Darwyn Cooke, to the popular culture that shaped my childhood: comics, cartoons and film.

I grew up in South East London and now work out of his base in Kent’s creative seaside hub, Margate.


In 2013 I made the decision to take my work in a new direction and fully embrace a style that I have been utilising since childhood.  I went back to basics: drawing for fun everyday, gradually sharing the work in various forms, exploring larger topics and projects. 

2017 saw the return of my work to galleries and online and I am now working towards future exhibitions and other projects.

Below is a selection of shows I have been involved in recently.

Best In Show - Exhibition by Michael Goodson

Best In Show

Lovelys Gallery – May 2018

A celebration of all things cat and dog!  Featuring the charming and popular limited edition prints by local artist Michael Goodson (pictured) and Lovelys’ favourites Kim Haskins, Doug Hyde and Sam Toft, as well as the quirky paper mache sculptures by Kent artists Total Pap. 

Michael Goodson - illustrations

Festival Of Cats - Cat Salon

Viking Gallery – April 2018

Macavitys Cat Salon at the Viking Gallery Margate.

Apart of the ‘Festival of Cats’ celebration of T.S.Eliots best selling work ‘Old Possums Book of Practical Cats’, consisting of a series of DIY events across Cliftonville including performance, exhibitions and film.

Art On A Postcard 2017

Margate Harbour Arm Gallery – August 2017

A secret postcard auction to raise money for the Margate Caves project.

Artworks featured in the auction included works from renowned local and international artists and designers.

Seagulls - Giclee Print

A Lovely Day By The Sea

Lovelys Gallery – July 2017

An exhibition celebrating the wonderful Kent coastline, featuring works from a number of local artists.

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