Privacy Policy


Look, here’s the thing: I honestly don’t want to know any of your personal information.

However, sometimes I need to collect personal info (postal address, contact information for correspondence etc) so that I can provide the services I do.  But just so you know:

• I never collect this without your knowledge (you provide the details).

• I never use this in any way other than the direct contact with you.

• I never pass this data onto anyone else. Ever.

• Payment details are handled directly by third parties (Paypal etc) and is used solely to complete your order.

I also do whatever I can to keep your data safe and private.  So if you use a form or purchase an item from my store (thanks btw), you willingly provide this information and do so knowing the above statements are true – so breath easy!

If you have any concerns, you can request more information on the data I have stored on file here.

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