Vector artwork for print & digital projects.
Skate Bunny Illustration - Michael Goodson

Illustration – Various Projects

A selection of works from various projects, both commercial and personal. The majority of my work is vector – a digital medium ideal for physical or digital projects.  I use very traditional approaches to create my artwork and combine that with modern technology to produce the highest quality results that […]
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Seagulls - Giclee Print


An ongoing series created from observations of my favourite seaside creature while walking the coastline between Margate and Cliftonville.
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Best In Show - Exhibition by Michael Goodson

Best in Show

A celebration of all things cats and dogs, ‘Best in Show’ is an exhibition of new prints in Margate’s oldest gallery: Lovelys.  The illustrations capture the everyday tiny stories that make the relationships with our furry friends so special.  The moments that are both totally unique and completely familiar. The […]
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Judges - Album Cover Art & Logo Design

Album Art

Album sleeve artwork for physical & digital releases, created for independent record labels in collaboration with the artists.
  • Client: Various
  • Brief: Album Sleeve Artwork & Logo Design
  • Project Role: Art Director & Illustrator
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Poster Design by Michael Goodson

Poster Design

A selection of poster and promotional material designs for print and digital distribution, showing the wide range of styles I get to employ on a daily basis.
  • Client: Various
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Winter Hat - Original Children's story Book

Winter Hat

Children's story book currently under development and will hopefully see the light of day soon!
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